[Arabic Version] How to support a survivor of gender-based violence when there is no GBV actor in your area – User Guide

This User Guide is intended to be used alongside the Pocket Guide to support humanitarian practitioners across all sectors operating in contexts where no GBV actors (including a GBV referral pathway or GBV specialist/focal point) are available in your area.
The target audience for the User Guide is program managers, technical coordinators, team leaders, supervisors and others in a similar role across all sectors who are responsible for managing, supervising and capacity-building a team in the field. For example, a WASH Program Manager can use this User Guide and the Pocket Guide to brief Hygiene Promoters on what to do in the event that a survivor of gender-based violence discloses to them during their day-to-day activities.
This User Guide is designed to provide key messages and considerations to:
1. prepare for and set up your program/intervention and
2. brief your team on how to support survivors of GBV in their day-to-day work.
We encourage coordinating with a GBV specialist to contextualize and deliver a briefing on the Pocket Guide to your team. This resource is not a comprehensive facilitator’s guide and it does not replace a GBV core concepts or GBV awareness training, which should be delivered by GBV actors to humanitarian workers when possible. While the Pocket Guide uses a Psychological First Aid framework (PFA), previous knowledge or training on PFA is not needed.

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