[Arabic Version] Curriculum for Adolescent Girls (Supporting Adolescents and their Families in Emergencies)

Supporting Adolescents and their Families in Emergencies (SAFE) is a protection and psychosocial support program model to strengthen the capacity of front-line actors so that adolescent girls and boys (ages 10-19) are safer, more supported, and equipped with positive coping strategies in acute emergencies. It aims to make adolescent girls and boys more visible and heard in the first phase of an emergency response. It is designed around two pillars: (1) Working directly with adolescent girls and boys to provide them with essential health and safety information, encourage participation and develop social and emotional skills, strengthen relationships, and connect them with available support services; and, (2) Contributing to a safe and supportive environment for adolescent girls and boys through working with female and male caregivers to develop their knowledge of how to protect and support adolescents, and collaborate with the community, other sectors and service providers to increase awareness of the needs and interests of adolescents.

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