Afghanistan, Pakistan – 7.5 Mw Earthquake – ECHO Daily Map


• The death toll, due to the earthquake of 26 October in north-eastern Afghanistan, is still rising.

• In Afghanistan: 110 dead, 425 injured, 9 380 houses damaged, 1 250 houses fully destroyed. Needs assessments are underway (except in some districts where prevailing insecurity prevents access). The Government of Afghanistan is coordinating efforts and it expected that needs assessment teams will provide assessment findings shortly to the Provincial Disaster Management Committees (PDMCs). Emergency trauma kits have been prepositioned in affected provinces. The needs to be covered as a priority are emergency shelter, non-food items & winterisation items and water and sanitation.

• In Pakistan: 272 people dead in five provinces, mostly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, over 2 100 people injured and over 25 300 houses damaged. Relief and response is ongoing. Immediate and prioritized needs in Pakistan are winterized shelters, food and NFIs.

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