A Systematic Literature Review of the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children: the Philippines

This report is the review outcome for the Philippines. A comprehensive systematic review identified 149 research studies (89 which are unpublished or grey literature [informally published written material such as research reports and research briefing papers] and 59 academic journal articles) to explore the risk and protective factors, and how they interact to create drivers of violence. This study also included a secondary analysis of the 2014 Demographic Health Survey to understand the risk factors for adolescent intimate partner violence and intergenerational violence.

This report not only identifies trends in violence, and gaps and avenues for future research, but also illuminates how violence is locally understood. The findings will triangulate with evidence from the first ever nationally representative Violence Against Children survey in the Philippines conducted in 2015.4 This report will also help policymakers and key stakeholders prioritize areas of potential intervention and future applied research to improve existing violence prevention efforts.

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