A Place to Live, a Place to Stay: A Good Practice Guide for Housing in Refugee Resettlement

This guide explores how the issue of housing for refugee resettlement can be addressed. This guide has been developed based on the outcomes of comparative research and consultation with partners and stakeholders of the SHARE Network in 9 European countries, and with input from the 34 practitioners and policymakers that contributed their knowledge and expertise as part of the SHARE Housing Expert Group This guide focuses on following themes:

* Provides a comparative overview of housing for refugee resettlement in Europe;
* Identifies good practice in housing for resettled refugees at the local, regional and national levels across Europe;
* Makes recommendations for policy and practice development in the areas of a) national, regional and local cooperation to implement resettlement quotas, b) finding housing for refugee resettlement, and c) housing introduction, integration support and welcoming communities;
* Includes case study interviews with a private landlord, municipality housing worker and previously resettled refugee; and
* Highlights opportunities for funding housing for resettled refugees presented by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for 2014-20

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