A Case Study: How a Disaster Mental Health Volunteer Provided Spiritually, Culturally, and Historically Sensitive Trauma Training to Teacher-Counselors and Other Mental Health Professionals in Sri Lanka, 4 Weeks After the Tsunami

This article is a case study describing how one disaster mental health volunteer for an international relief organization developed and then taught a trauma training curriculum 4 weeks after the tsunami hit Sri Lanka. The curriculum was developed specifically to train mental health professionals and teacher-counselors (teachers with 1 year intensive training in foundational counseling). The curriculum was carefully constructed to meet the needs of the tsunami survivors and then revised after meeting with and gathering information from
the adults and children in several refuge camps. In addition, the curriculum underwent several revisions after considering civil war effects, as well as cultural and religious values, beliefs, and behaviors practiced in Sri Lanka. Finally, the article focuses on curriculum delivery and the generally positive evaluations of it by participants. [Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention 6:316–325 (2006)]

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