#NotaWebinar | Online exchange on “Community-Based MHPSS: Challenges in Community Engagement”

#NotaWebinar | Online exchange on “Community-Based MHPSS: Challenges in Community Engagement”
Invitation to an online exchange organised by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee MHPSS Reference Group’s working group on Community-Based MHPSS

This format aims to #UnmuteTheField‘and seeks to maximise the participation of colleagues who will join from around the world, in a departure from the presentations and Q&A conventions of our usual webinars.
#NotaWebinar | November 24th, 1-3pm UTC
Why an ‘Online Exchange’? 
Following the enthusiastic participation we had for the 22 October 2020 webinar to launch our conversation on Community-Based Approaches to MHPSS, with more than 500 registrations from around the globe, the follow-up online exchange is designed to directly engage colleagues in the field – YOU – to discuss the challenges, lessons and insights experienced when employing CB-MHPSS approaches in practice.
How will it work?
The online exchange on “Community-Based MHPSS: Challenges in Community Engagement” will present participants with practical questions gathered from colleagues working in crisis and humanitarian settings around the world since our last webinar on the 22nd of October. Through breakout room discussions and plenary sessions over two hours, we will try to respond to these questions, drawing from the collective experience of our community of practitioners.

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