MHPSS and climate change study: Call for participants

MHPSS and climate change study: Call for participants

Call for participants!

The MHPSS Collaborative is recruiting participants for a mapping study of MHPSS and climate change activities that are implemented or planned by humanitarian and/or development organizations.
The study consists of a short online survey (~15-20min), with some participants invited for a follow-up interview (~20-45min). We will use the survey and interview data to generate a list of programmatic activities alongside in-depth case studies and recommendations to inform future practice, policy, and research in this area.

The programme does not need to include ‘MHPSS’ and ‘climate change’ in the title, however, there should be aspects of both represented in the programme activities. For example, a community resilience programme that includes climate adaptation and community-building activities, or a climate-resilient livelihoods training programme that includes psychosocial activities such as peer-support and mentoring.

To participate in the study, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Professionally affiliated with a humanitarian and/or development organization
  • interested, engaged and/or have expertise in MHPSS and climate change programming.
The survey is due on Friday 1st July. You can access the study using the following link:
For questions or participant nominations, please email Viola Graef (

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