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Pim Scholte

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I’m a psychiatrist with broad international experience in working with various aid organizations, which took place in (post-) conflict regions such as Kashmir, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Gaza strip, Congo, Rwanda, Darfur and Sierra Leone. I have been affiliated with the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam from the start of my carreer. I hold a PhD in mental health in war-affected populations. For 12 years I was a board member of Doctors Without Borders Holland, where I initiated and advised in mental health programming. For War Child Netherlands I acted as a methodology advisor. I’ve been the Chair of, and presently am a senior technical advisor at Antares Foundation, an agency promoting staff support and care in humanitarian and developmental organizations. I am the founding director of Equator Foundation, which promotes a combined approach to mental health and social bonding. Equator provides mental health care for traumatized refugees and victims of human trafficking in Holland, implements psychosocial intervention programs in post-conflict areas, and carries out effect studies on both kinds of activities. I am the (co-) author of various scientific studies on mental health and aid provision in post-conflict regions.



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