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Wais Aria

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Leadership and Management

Experienced team leader providing strategic leadership to achieve high impact.
Planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs.

Engaging with resource partners, including government counterparts to build alliances, transparency, and accountability.

Key Skills:

·       Grant and contract management including compliance, capacity building, and financial management.

·       More than 10 years’ experience in humanitarian organizations including NGOs, INGOs, USAID and UN agencies at national and international level, focusing on Disaster Management, Public Health, Mental Health, and Psychosocial program development in humanitarian settings.

·       Proficient in Microsoft Office.

·       Fluent in English, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, good in Urdu and Arabic.




Behavioral Health Manager: in Support Afghan Refugee Crisis in forth Pickett military base with US- Committee for Refugee and Immigration

Oct. 2021 up to date , 2022.

Receive referrals from on-site staff and follow up with a psychosocial needs assessment and targeted evaluation of the individual or family being referred.

Establish a system of referral and bidirectional communication with mental health specialists such as therapists and/or psychiatrists, that may be needed for further assessment and evaluation, as well as crisis management.

Notifying appropriate personnel through the chain of command around any specialized needs of guests, such as mental health conditions, medications, protection issues, appointments that may be needed.

Providing case management around mental health, gender-based violence, human trafficking child abuse and neglect, or related behavioral health issues.

Coordination of mental health appointments and referrals that are on or off base

Assisting with child-specific or peri-natal specific needs such as mental health conditions that may need acute follow up

Providing brief therapeutic interventions (as discussed in this guide) when appropriate to help continue to resolve distress amongst guests in a culturally sensitive and strengths, based manner. At times this may be in the form of brief individual therapy or in larger group settings (ie stress management or breathing skills, etc).

Program Manager for COVID 19 Crisis Program: Muslim American Society, California
April , 2021, to Feb 28th . 2022 (fixed term)

·       Weekly Program Coordinators meetings with partners, coordinate training, and address any challenges to meeting contract deliverables.

·       Monthly and weekly reporting.

·       Supervising 27 peer support specialists.

·       Develop mental health training materials and conduct training for outreach team.

·       Manage and train project staff in mental health support in crisis.

·       Help management team in development of grant application and proposal.

·       Quarterly and narrative reporting.


Program consultant as child protection specialist: Heartland Chicago

Parttime: Dec.2021 to Feb.28. 2022

·       Assist the unaccompanied Refugee Minor in the shelter, designed and implement psychosocial activity within the shelter, designed strategy of reintegration, meeting with shelter staff and designing mitigation plan for distractive behavioral, meeting with stakeholders.


Refugee and Immigration Coordinator:  Synergy Family Services, Maryland, United States  

Nov 2019 to Dec 2020 (Parttime)

Specific responsibilities:

·       Working with refugee support agencies and follow-up on newcomers’ cases.

·       Providing mental health and psychosocial support.

·       Conducting cultural and mental health support session for refugee clients.

·       Training community volunteers as peer-to-peer support.

·       Developing training materials and adopted according to cultural context.

·       Developing proposal and plan strategy for mental health gap.

·       Working with a team for program development.


Program Director: Tabish Organization Kabul, Afghanistan

Jan 2011 – Dec 2018

The organization is a humanitarian group working with the US Agency for International Development, EU, UNICEF, Grand Challenge Canada, Danish Refugee Counsel, War Child Canada

Specific responsibilities:

·       Developed partnerships and coordination with 8+ donors, stakeholders, and government institutions for resource mobilization, project delivery and information sharing.

·       Supported the identification of opportunities and challenges for productive interventions, took responsibility for quality control social Protection Projects.


·       Oversaw the implementation, coordination and administration of all aspects related to program activities including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and ensuring quality implementation of program activities.

·       Worked in close collaboration with teams to ensure reports to donors are submitted on time and are coherent and accurately written.

·       Maintained and updated an online and offline record of grant portfolio for audit compliance.


Field Work

·       Project monitoring and evaluation; reporting.

·       Training social workers, counselors, nurses and caregivers.

·       Managing supervisors throughout the region.

·       Disaster management.

·       Child protection and psychosocial support program


Social Protection Program Manager: Window for Life, Afghanistan

Jan 2010 to Dec 2010

Specific responsibilities:

Leading and implementing child protection project, provided psychosocial support for child.

Support mental health and psychosocial for survival of GBV. SGBV, Reporting and monitoring children on the move, and children with IDP camps.


Project Administrator: CARITAS Germany  

Nov 2007 to Dec 2009

·       Guide project start-up, conduct compliance call for the country and regional teams and enforce project reporting in collaboration with program staff.

·       Assist with annual reviews and updates to manuals, trainings and templates to reflect changes to internal policies and client regulations.

·       Assist in completing the quarterly internal review of subcontract files.

·       Provide procurement and contracts training to Project Managers, business development, and field office staff.

·       Provide contractual advice to junior staff.

·       Supervise junior team members.

·       Project Close-out: Facilitate grant close-out processes in compliance with donor regulations. Assist with donor audits, as necessary.

Senior Program Officer: Management Science for Health MSH USAID  

May 2005 to June 2007

Working directly with implementation partner, developing program documents, tracking procurement of IEC material, monitoring field activity, IP monthly meeting, IEC material development, built, organized, and maintained information files of IP.




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