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Stefanie Gaumert

About me

Psychologist/MA Peace and Security Studies. MHPSS consultant with focus on forced displacement and peacebuilding. Long term experience in the development and implementation of capacity strengthening programs in fragile and conflict settings (MHPSS, Mediation and Conflict Transformation, Non Violent Communication, Acute Trauma and Crisis Intervention). Experience in the systematization of best practices and development of handbooks and innovative training guidelines for different target groups.

MHPSS consultant for IOM: Elaboration of a psychosocial self-help handbook for Syrian men living in Germany.

MHPSS consultant for GIZ: Integration of the MHPSS approach within the peacebulding activities of GIZ Program PazComunal, Colombia

Development Consultant for GIZ, Colombia: Implementation of capacity strengthening programs and elaboration of MHPSS training guidelines for local institutions and NGOs

Director of Hamburg’s largest refugee reception center: elaboration of a holistic multi stakeholder approach to enhance MHPSS services for asylum seekers in Hamburg.

My approach to MHPSS aims to enhance psychosocial wellbeing on the emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive, and behavioral level. I promote a holistic and low-threshold approach which addresses peoples’ interconnected social and psychological needs and priorities in an integrated manner, taking into account the specific context and current circumstances the affected populations find themselves in. I follow a participatory and empowering approach. It builds on existing resources and encourages resilience and coping mechanisms.