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Samuel Mugisha

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I am an eligible Ugandan a psychologist by profession possessing a Master of Science (MSC) degree in Counseling Psychology of Bugema University a Honors degree in Counseling and Psychology (BCP).

I have worked as an associate Clinical Therapist with Tutapona Trauma Rehabilitation in Nakivale and Oruchinga Refugees Camps respectively funded by UNHCR (United nation High Commissioner for Refugees) where I achieved by doing capacity building on Mental health and Psychosocial support, Offering trauma rehabilitation to the affected populations especially former child Soldiers, Women, Children and LGBTI groups. I would also support in the recruitment and briefing processes of Psychotherapist, Field facilitators, Counselors and other staff members.

I have worked as a Consultant on MHPSS with REED Security Company funded by UNSOS (United Nations Support Office in Somalia) in Somalia UN sectors. Where I was doing MHPSS Assessments and Capacity building to the staff on MHPSS and Providing support regularly on MHPSS activities.

 Currently am working with CAFOMI in the Refugees Urban program in Kampala Uganda under UNHCR funding, as an SGBV Response Officer/Mental health specialist. I have gained enough experience and skills in working with children who are affected by war and conflict. I also do support the MHPSS program by developing the organizations strategy and related protection sectors of intervention. I do case management of SGBV Survivors to ensure they live a dignified life through MHPSS strategies.

I have served in Uganda Police Force and served in various departments I excelled in Security coordination and representation of the Police and other agencies. I have experience and technical understanding of the protection sector.



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