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Kalyegira Juma

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I am a Clinical Psychologist, Mental health practitioner, psychosocial support specialist, and researcher with over 10 years of working experience in providing MHPSS and project leadership /coordinator roles in non-profit-NGOs and
International NGOs implementing activities funded by UNHCR, UNICEF, and Cordaid-funded activities in various refugee settings in Northern and North-Western Uganda. Other roles include providing psychological interventions to children, youths, and adults in Ugandan communities and refugee settings while working with various NGOs and also with the National Referral Mental Hospital as a Clinical Psychologist. Worked internationally (in Europe) as a Psychological Counsellor at Refugio Bremen-Germany, where I served refugees, also worked at Constructor University Bremen-Germany as Psychological Counselor and Intercultural Education Officer working in the counseling department. With proven experience in research (good in both qualitative and quantitative research methods), teaching, fundraising, and facilitation skills. I have finalised all PhD requirements with official completion due in September 2023.  The PhD focused on the psychological well-being of refugees and the hosting community, I did it at Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences jointly run by the University of Bremen and Constructor University Bremen-Germany. I also hold a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and also a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and Guidance.



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Constructor University Bremen


Psychological Counselor and Intercultural Education Officer

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