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Erin Gilmer

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I am a certified nurse-midwife and public health professional currently located in Connecticut, U.S. I’ve worked in maternal and reproductive health for over ten years, primarily with immigrant and refugee women and families in the U.S. Additionally, I have experience working in Mexico and Afghanistan, and I’ll soon be departing to Tajikistan for intensive Farsi language study.

My interest in MHPSS centers on exploring ways to strengthen MHPSS interventions for midwives in Afghanistan specifically, and in humanitarian settings in general. Of particular interest to me are self-care interventions, remote modalities for MHPSS interventions and supervision, and task shifting. I’m interested in exploring how MHPSS for healthcare providers working in complex contexts can support their resilience and wellbeing and improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.


United States

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Yale University


Recent MPH graduate, Gruber Fellow in Global Justice and Women's Rights

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East and Central Asia, Latin America, North America, South Asia

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