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Emmanuel Dauda Maina

About me

I am an enthusiastic humanitarian work with more than eight (8) years of work experience in the emergency setting in Juba, Mundri, and Rumbek of South Sudan, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, and Gombe in the Northeast, and Abuja of Nigeria. I am currently working as the International Protection Officer with the Nonviolent Peace force in South Sudan where am actively involved in implementing Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) projects, General protection, Protection mainstreaming, child protection and gender-based violence. 

I hold a B.Sc. in Sociology from the Institut Superieur de Communication et de Gestion (ISCG) Benin University Cotonou, a National Certificate in Education from UIICEST Bama, and I’m currently enrolled in the KALU Institute of Humanitarian Aid Studies in Spain to complete my Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. I also hold numerous certificates of achievements as you would see in my Resume. 

I have a strong background in developing MHPSS programming and intervention which includes protection, gender equality, and social inclusion as a method to promote MHPSS implementation. I am able to offer technical help and add knowledge and expertise to make sure that strategies take MHPSS considerations into account across operations and programs. I am able to offer direction and supervision both locally and remotely as the MHPSS strategy, structure, and service activities are planned, put into action, and continuously watched over. Additionally, I can guarantee organisation’s upcoming and current operations, projects, and initiatives are in line with the organisation’s strategies, lessons gained, and generally accepted standards of practice, such as the IFRC, MHPSS Policy, IASC Guidelines, Minimum Standards, etc.

I have the capacity to provide strategic direction, lead the holistic approach to relationships with provincial & territorial government agencies (health, education, etc.), local governments, and other stakeholders which will ensure the successful integration of the MHPSS lens and activities. I possess the ability and understanding to assess changing demands, social, political, and economic trends that may necessitate plan adaptation, analyse those trends, and notify relevant internal and external leadership/partners about them. I can also advise, counsel, and make modifications as necessary.