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    Seeking eligible papers for systematic review: As part of a review of global literature regarding the effectiveness of psychosocial support interventions for populations affected by forced migration, we are contacting researchers and practitioners in the areas of MHPSS and forced migration to seek studies that might be eligible to include. We are looking for any program evaluation reports of psychosocial support activities aimed to protect or promote psychosocial wellbeing and/or prevent mental disorder for populations that have experienced forced migration for any reason and in any country setting. Eligible evaluations can utilize any type of study design (does not need to be an RCT) and must include a psychosocial outcome, which can be evaluated either qualitatively or quantitatively. We request that you share any articles, specifically grey literature or unpublished reports that may not be in the published work we are coming across in our first round of reviewing. We would be grateful for any suggestions of studies that might be eligible for this review, which can be sent to GIZPSSReview2020@gmail.com. Please submit any studies or articles to this email address by May 31, 2020.