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    Am not able to post this in vacancies – not sure where the glitch is, so putting it here until the glitch gets sorted out. One of my clients is StratComm, which is currently seeking a short-term consultant with expertise in MHPSS and DRR. We will be working with an international organisation to support strengthening South East Asia Response to MHPSS in the context of COVID-19 recovery and future pandemics and emergencies. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of experts in mental health, SBCC, public health and climate change is being constituted to guide the development of:
    A Training and Materials Package on Multisectoral, Community-Based Approaches for MHPSS and An Integration Manual and Materials (MHPSS and DRR) for Community-based approaches.
    The broad role of the consultant would be:
    – Providing guidance to the lead writer for development of outlines for the two deliverables mentioned above
    – Reviewing and providing feedback on drafts of the deliverables mentioned above
    – Drafting chapters/sections of smaller pieces within the second deliverable
    For more information and to submit your CV, contact us at: roshni@stratcomm.in or sonia@stratcomm.in