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    Note: Further to feedback from colleagues in Ukraine and within the humanitarian response, we have revised the name of this group. Our usual naming convention for emergency response groups is to list the location + type of emergency + year. Some felt that this did not adequately reflect the cross-border origins of the conflict, and so we tried a different formulation that was more descriptive which (we hoped) still reflected a degree of neutrality and prudence that diverse humanitarian actors would be comfortable with. However, it has become evident that the same words can be understood to have nearly opposite connotations from diverse stakeholder groups in the response. We truly appreciate those who have reached out to express their views to us. Whilst we fear we will not manage to satisfy everyone, we would like to avoid causing offense or having the naming of a group distract from sharing resources and building collective purpose amongst MHPSS actors who will necessarily vary to some degree in their positions in relation to the politics of the conflict. Therefore, we have reverted to a very broad title for the group, which can accommodate the diversity of our various views and positions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns or thoughts.