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    POSTED ON BEHALF OF REPSSI – Opportunity to access MHPSS professional and lay expertise for Cyclone Idai Response:
    REPSSI has offices with MHPSS-competent teams in both Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The core REPSSI staff, in thosecountries, consists of both MHPSS specialists and lay persons (Public Health professionals, generally). However, in both countries, REPSSI has a network of lay persons trained and accredited by REPSSI to provide PSS training and/or implement PSS interventions, particularly with children. REPSSI is very willing to engage and collaborate with interested agencies, struggling to find suitable expertise to deploy to the region.

    You may contact Carmel Gaillard (carmel.gaillard@repssi.org ) to discuss MHPSS capacity solutions for Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe or…
    (1) For support in Mozambique: a) julio.mutemba@repssi.org (Country Representative in Mozambique) – fluent Portuguese with a substantive competent team b) felix.jeronimo@repssi.org (Country Representative in Angola) – fluent Portuguese and eager to be part of a response team.
    (2) For support in Zimbabwe – sibusiswe.marunda@repssi.org (Country Director) – with a substantive competent team

    Note that Ndau is the common dialect spoken in the affected region, on both sides of the border. It is a dialect of Shona, which means that for direct interaction with affected individuals and families, Shona-speaking MHPSS lay persons may also be a possible resource.