Mapping of resources for younger children and their families

Mapping of resources for younger children and their families

Under the WHO-UNICEF joint programme for mental health, a new piece of work is commencing to develop a psychological intervention for younger children (approximately age 5-12) who are experiencing behavioural and emotional challenges and their families. Evidence for effective programming for children and adolescents is improving, yet interventions that address behavioural and emotional distress in this age group are still lacking. The team is conducting a scoping review of existing research and practice for this age group in humanitarian settings and low and middle income settings broadly. We will use the results of this review, alongside extensive stakeholder consultations, to inform the development of an intervention package.


Does your organisation currently implement non-specialistfocused psychological interventions children aged 5-12, experiencing distress, and/or their caregivers, in humanitarian or low- and middle-income contexts? 


If yes, the team would love to hear from you with any materials you would be willing to share: intervention manuals, programme evaluation reports, academic papers, internal reports, implementation experiences. If more suitable,  a brief call can be arranged to gather information about the programme from you directly. Please respond to


Please also help share this request with any relevant colleagues or networks in your country or region.

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  1. I work in private practice in Tripoli, Libya. A portion of families/children I work with do come from low to middle income settings. Being a context which is also at times one of post/protracted conflict, depending on the narrative. It could also be viewed as a humanitarian setting as systems, institutions and services fall behind. If my work applies, I would be willing to contribute any way I can. Starting a conversation is always helpful

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