Letter to G20 from health professionals

Letter to G20 from health professionals

Dear colleague

On May 26, a letter will be sent to every head of state of the G20 countries on behalf of tens of millions of medical and health professionals and their associations all over the world, urging those governments to pursue a healthy recovery from COVID-19. The letter calls for G20 leaders to immediately place public health at the core of their economic recovery, before policies on trillion-dollar recovery packages are fully brought into being. This would increase the likelihood of government’s putting us on a path to a healthier world, with strong health systems, clean air and water, stable climate, etc. I’m getting in touch to invite NGOs and any other health associations to join this letter.  Individuals may also sign but there is a big push now for networks, institutions and associations of all kinds to sign

The WHO and Global Climate and Health Alliance are coordinating this effort, along with the Mission 2020, in the service of the medical and health community. This will be the largest global mobilisation of the health community on climate change since the lead up to the Paris climate agreement. The World Medical Association and Canadian Medical Association have already signed on, as have several of the leading medical journals, and we expect many other big international groups to do so in the next few days.

The deadline for signing is May 21. This letter will be delivered to G20 leaders, and announced publicly, on May 26.  It is embargoed (please, share with health peers, but don’t share publicly or via social media).

A major global communications roll-out will accompany the letter’s release.

I know this is very short notice. I am asking you the following:

  1. Could your agency sign this? Both individuals within it but even more importantly as an agency?
  2. Could you also encourage members of any other large health organisations with a membership base, to consider advocating, by sharing the ‘sign on’ link and this explanatory note, with the decision-makers of those organizations?
  3. The success of this letter depends to an extent on how the health community responds.. Many health professionals are planning creative responses on social and mainstream media to appear on or shortly after May 26th. Others are writing to their political representatives to ask them to support it publically.

We know that one creative, beautiful, fun, musical, artistic or clever post on May 26th or shortly after could make the difference between the media in your country picking it up or not, so we would like to invite healthcare professionals to be as creative as possible – posting to their own social media accounts. Would you convey this to your members? This might actually be the most important part of the campaign,  DO NOT post beforehand as this is embargoed.

We realise this timeline is very short. We feel it is vital that the health community bring our voice to that table, to push for a healthy future.

Here is the link to the letter: https://healthyrecovery.net/letter/

Here is the private connection to the sign on website. https://healthyrecovery.net/invitation/

Please share only with, and among health organizations and health professionals.

Thanks for considering,

kind regards,

Lynne Jones

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