International Medical Corps’ Principles of Psychological First Aid Online Training Course

Recommended for first responders and service providers who may interact with people affected by a crisis, this online course covers supportive listening, normal stress responses, positive coping mechanisms and the importance of linking people to support.

What You Will Learn

Through easy-to-understand scenarios in a humanitarian emergency setting, this free, 2-hour online course details what psychological first aid (PFA) is and is not, how to provide it responsibly, who can provide it, when and where it should be provided, and when someone should be referred for more specialized care. As it walks the learner through the four main principles of PFA—Prepare, Look, Listen and Link—it also spells out the importance of self-care for first responders and others who are helping people in stressful situations. Created for use in low-resource settings with limited internet bandwidth, it is currently available in English, with Arabic, French, & Spanish translations underway.

This online was developed by International Medical Corps and launched on It is based on the guide for field workers created by the World Health Organization, War Trauma Foundation (now Arq International), and World Vision International, and covers how to provide psychological first aid to people affected by conflict, disaster, or disease.

This free online training is available here in English. 

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