This group is for sharing of materials and experiences related to training on Psychological First Aid and adaptation of resources and training approaches to different cultural contexts, trrainee groups and situations.

Do please join if you are currently adapting and implementing PFA training, and share your experiences and materials here.

Group Admins

  • The UK government are offering a short online PFA training (as they’re calling it – more like an orientation). It seems to me that they are seeing this as a cheap, quick fix to concerns that frontline staff don’t have the skills needed to support people in distress. I wrote a short reflection in LinkedIn about this…[Read more]

  • I have been part of a group exploring how the PFA approach was used during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and a paper from the first part of this project has just been published in Global Mental Health. It may be of interest to people planning PFA training programmes – I’ll upload the paper but it can also be found at…[Read more]

  • On behalf of Church of Sweden, we announce the launch of the report on the Psychological First Aid 5-Year Retrospective (2011-2016). The report will be uploaded here and can be found on the Church of Sweden international website at the following…[Read more]