Trauma and Recovery Certificate Program – Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma

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      Hi! Has anyone participated to or heard feedback about the Trauma and Recovery Certificate Program managed by Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education and Massachusetts General Hospital? Any information would be appreciated.

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      Last year, the program director, Dr. Mollica, invited me to attend the training, and while an excellent program, it is quite expensive and out of most aid worker’s budget (certainly mine) at $4,800 tuition plus the expense of flying to Italy. (Phase 1: Two-week face-to-face gathering in Porano and Orvieto, Umbria Region, Italy) Phase 2: Six months of web-based learning.
      Also Several criteria are used to assess eligibility for the Certificate Program, including a prior graduate level degree and experience in the health related sector.

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      Jess Hall

      Hi All, I attended the course in 2015 and it is life changing. The collegiality that is fostered is wonderful and you will remain connected for life with truly remarkable people. It really is not just any course but lives and embodies all facets of “healing” and it was an incredibly nurturing and stimulating experience. I really can’t recommend it enough. Best, Jess

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