The MHPSS sector in Sri Lanka currently lacks mechanisms by which lessons learned from work in Sri Lanka (or technical insights from approaches from similar international contexts) can be exchanged and accessed in ways that can inform good quality practice. Establishing such mechanisms for practitioners, technical resource persons, programme managers and relevant policy-makers in Sri Lanka could greatly enhance the quality of appropriate MHPSS service provisioning and integration with the transitional justice and reconciliation processes. The purpose of this group is to connect people working on issues related to MHPSS & TJ/R to each other and to help them access resources and information that could strengthen services.

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    We are writing to invite you to participate in a study that is exploring how connections and trust impact the quality of work that we do in the MHPSS sector in Sri Lanka. It is looking in particular at how communities of practice (like this group) may play a role in this. Your participation in…[Read more]