Weekly Resource: Helping Children Cope with Grief During a War

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      Helping Children Cope with Grief During a War developed by Child Protection AoR is an interactive web-based leaflet, developed to help people understand how children of different ages experience loss and grief; how to talk to them about it, and how to help them cope with the death of a loved one during war and displacement. It is presented as a leaflet that answers many questions a caregiver may have, such as Do children grieve? Should I tell my children if someone they love has died? What is the best way to tell them?

      This resource is available in Arabic, Bengali, English, Filipino, French, Fulfulde, Hausa, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Ukrainian.

      Have you used this resource? Tell us more about your experience.
      If you have not used it yet, find it here.

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