The aim of the East and Southern Africa MHPSS Community of Practice is to provide a platform to facilitate exchange of regional knowledge and learning on MHPSS programming, and support coordination and information sharing amongst humanitarian and development actors working on MHPSS in the region.


The ESA MHPSS CoP is envisioned to encompass both ‘virtual’ and ‘on-the-ground’ activities, engaging a wide cross-section of stakeholders (i.e. academics, frontline workers, donors, policy-makers and duty bearing officials, civil society, advocates, programme managers, etc) working at national and regional levels.


The ESA MHPSS CoP is made up of members reflecting the reality of distributed leadership and service delivery in different countries of the ESA region and seeks to build networks and working partnerships between them. Individuals from state or non-state entities interested in learning about and contributing to the improvement of MHPSS services in the region are encouraged to seek membership on an individual basis or participate through organizational representation.


The ESA MHPSS COP was initiated in February 2019 by MHPSS stakeholders working in the ESA region to explore the need and scope for a regional CoP to support future MHPSS services and practitioners. It is currently steered jointly by REPSSI, and Save the Children East and Southern Africa Regional Office (SCI-ESARO).