The Research and Lessons Learned group has two goals:

1. To highlight international PSS research from all areas of the world
2. To encourage the sharing of personal and hands-on lessons learned from members.

Research will be highlighted through full articles (if there is open access) or links where the article can be found. Lessons learned can be shared by writing a few lines or a few pages of relevant information from your own experience (past or current).

It is hoped that we can integrate this dynamic, growing and important area of PSS into a group that allows for quick referencing and the development of practitioner support and program improvement.

Group Admins

  • Hi to all.

    Thanks for all the posts and questions – it is great to see the activity in this Group.

    I saw an interesting article today on the formation and storage of memories, which challenges much of what we know about short- and long-term memory.

    “What really happens when we make and store memories has been unravelled in a discovery that…[Read more]