Eval. Guidance When Data Absent

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      Breanne Kaiser

      HI – I am not quite so sure where to post this! I am currently designing an MHPSS evaluation framework for a country-wide assessment for a UN agency. I am well aware of existing tools/guidance but I can’t seem to find exactly what I need. The organization has already outlined an OECD-DAC framework and posed possible evaluation questions. I will no be assessing impact of the programing, but rather quality of services provided (which are mainly CFS and case management). There is no baseline, few monitoring reports, very few implementing parter monitoring tools (and sources of verification, including trainings, activity reports, etc) and no endline data. The only known framework I can find for this scenario is the IASC Eval ‘looking back’ which I find unreliable and a REPSSI guidance tool which I don’t have access to because I have not completed their training. Are there any other known resources which might be relevant and that I am missing? Thanks!

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