What is Burnout?

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      Burnout is described as “a syndrome of emotional exhaustion and cynicism that occurs frequently among individuals who do ‘people work’ of some kind.” (Maslach & Jackson, 1981) Those experiencing burnout are likely to feel disconnected from the very people that they are tasked with helping, leading them to feel emotionally exhausted and unable to give of themselves in a truly meaningful way. These workers may continue to report to work and fulfill their duties but the caring aspect of their work is usually missing. The workers suffering from burnout are likely to have negative feelings toward those they are working with and for, and this can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with the job, their co-workers and their organization.

      Source: MacGregor, S. (2008) Burnout. Why do people suffer, and Why do International Relief Workers suffer more than Domestic Response Workers and First Responders?

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