EQUIP Webinar Learning Series July: Socio en Salud Peru

EQUIP Webinar Learning Series July: Socio en Salud Peru

The EQUIP Webinar Learning Series invites you to learn more about who uses EQUIP and how EQUIP is being used across sectors on July 183pm CET.  

Each month one organization presents their project/ intervention and shares insights in challenges encountered, solutions found, and lessons learnt when using EQUIP. In the July webinar, Socios en Salud Peru will be the presenters and share their insights. 

The webinars are done in the spirit of a learning exchange to share and engage with old, new and future EQUIPers. It is also a great way to ask any question and receive your answers from a diverse range of contexts. 

Register here to join the webinar. Feel free to share the invitation with colleagues and partners, anyone you think would be interested. 

If you want to join the EQUIP CoP Skype group, you can do this here.

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