1.3. Editing Your Profile

Step 1: Click on your name in the button from those on the top right panel of the website. This will take you to your account.

Step 2: Click on ‘Profile’ on the sub navigation bar in the middle of the screen.  You will have three options: 1) View, 2) Edit, and 3) Change Avatar.

Step 2: View – this section consists of the basic information that will be visible to the public. If you wish some of the details to be private/invisible to the public, you can simply leave the section blank.

Step 3: Edit Profile – You can edit both your ‘basic’ and ‘extended’ profile information, and choose who can see this. Information you provide can help other members search for you by your interests, skills and region(s) of work. You can also upload your CV so that it can help prospective employers identify you if you’re interested in work opportunities. You can adjust privacy settings for your profile details, so you can control who can view them. Choose whether your location is shown in your profile, on the general map and in the groups you belong to by selecting or deselecting the ‘show map on profile’ option.

Step 4: Click ‘Save Changes’ to update your new profile content and settings.

Step 5: Changing your Avatar – to add, change or delete your profile image (avatar), click on ‘Profile>Change Avatar’ and follow the instructions. This avatar will then appear on your profile and throughout the site, whenever you are active.