6.5. Participating in Forums

6.5. Participating in Forums

Step 1: You can add a comment to the forum or reply to a particular comment in the forum by typing your comment in the ‘Reply to’ text box and clicking on ‘Submit’. Clicking on the ‘Reply‘ tab below another member’s comment will also take you to this text box. All the replies appear in chronological order. You can edit or delete your comments later, if needed by clicking on the ‘Edit‘ and ‘Trash‘ tabs below your comment. If you would like to receive email notifications of the replies to the forum comments, select the check box next to ‘notify me of follow-up replies via email’.

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Step 2: You can subscribe to a forum of your choice by clicking on the ‘Subscribe‘ tab. When you subscribe to a forum , you receive notifications when another member posts on that topic. By selecting a forum as a ‘Favourite‘, it will be added ti the collection of the forums that you like, which you can thereafter access through your profile, as shown below (see the 2nd image).

Philippines 2013 Typhoon Response  Forum  Information Education and Communicat_2014-05-31_00-30-22










Cezar Neaga  Forums  Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network - Mozilla _2014-06-10_09-13-53












Step 3: Splitting, Merging and Moving – You can either split or merge topics by clicking on ‘Split’, ‘Merge’ and ‘Move’ options, as shown below. With this feature you can turn the chosen comment into a new topic with a new title, or merge it into an existing one (see the subsequent screenshots for more information).

IFRC Psychosocial Centre  Forum  Urban Programming Idea’s  Mental Health and _2014-05-31_01-13-58



















































Step 4: A ‘sticky topic’ is one that is promoted to the top of the page and is coloured differently to the others (i.e. green). You can make a topic sticky by clicking on ‘sticky’ as shown below, or by selecting ‘sticky’ from the drop down menu below the forum description when creating a new forum topic.

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Philippines 2013 Typhoon Response  Forum  Mental Health and Psychosocial Suppo_2014-05-31_02-35-30









Forums  Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_09-49-42








Step 5: Flagging – If you see an inappropriate comment, you can report it by clicking on ‘flag. This comment will be viewed by a moderator and removed if it does not abide by our community rules.

Philippines 2013 Typhoon Response  Forum  Tracing and restoring family links i_2014-05-31_01-27-58






Step 6: Sharing – If you like a particular forum, share it with your friends and colleagues by clicking on the ‘share’ button below the ‘Reply to’ text box and selecting the appropriate application through which you want to share the forum.

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Please note: You must be logged in to the site to access comments. Only members of groups can access forums in Private and Hidden Groups. (Non-members can see forums in Public groups but they cannot post replies).