7.1. News & Vacancies

‘News’ is a section in the site that includes information about upcoming trainings, events and calls for proposals. If you want to make an announcement, please send the details to the Network Host at chathuri@mhpss.net .

News is accessible by all visitors to the site, including non-members.

Viewing News

News can be viewed by both members and non-members.

Step 1: Go to ‘News’ tab on the main navigation bar and select ‘Trainings’, ‘Events’ or ‘Calls’ from the drop down menu. Those which are out of date can be found in Archives for your reference.

Step 2: The latest News appears first. You can go to older posts too by navigating across pages.

Commenting on News

Both members and non-members can access News and comment on them. (Non members have to provide their name and email address if they wish to comment). The Network Host, who posts all the News items, receives updates on comments.

Step 1: To comment on a News item, click on the link indicating the number of comments that have been made on it, as shown here (if no comment has been made on it yet, it will say ‘no comments’).

Step 2: At the bottom of the comments page, there’s a section called ‘Leave a Reply’ with a text box for comments. Type your comment and submit.

Flagging – if you want to report a News item as inappropriate, click on ‘flag this post as inappropriate’.

Sharing – Click on the news item or on ‘comment’ to share via FB and Twitter.
Please Note: This is not available in the listing of all News items.

Searching for Vacancies

This section provides information on all current vacancies in the MHPSS field, which has been submitted to the site for inclusion. They are listed by the most recently uploaded ones first.

You can use the categories provided to search and filter through the vacancies listed. This could be by job category or its locations. You can also check the checkboxes provided to indicate whether you want freelance, full-time, internships, part-time or temporary vacancies only to be listed.

Adding Vacancies

You can add current vacancies to the site by choosing ‘Add Vacancy’ from the dropdown menu on the tab ‘Vacancies’ in the main navigation bar.

Fill out the required information in the form provided. Preview the listing by clicking the button below and submit as requested.