27 April English & Arabic Webinars: MHPSS & Persons with Disabilities

27 April English & Arabic Webinars: MHPSS & Persons with Disabilities
English and Arabic Language Webinars:
MHPSS & Persons with Disabilities

Thursday, 27 April 2017

At 11am UTC (English) and 1.30 pm UTC (Arabic)

English Webinar

Presenters Douglas Khayat & Ghada Zaidan (ICRC Gaza), Wafika Reem Tafran (IMC Syria)
Moderator Marcio Gagliato (MHPSS.net)


Arabic Webinar

Presenter Ghada Zaidan (ICRC Gaza), Wafika Reem Tafran (IMC Syria)
Moderator Marie-Adele Salem (ABAAD Lebanon)


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Content of the Webinar:

The webinar ‘MHPSS for Persons with Disabilities’ will present concrete experiences of MHPSS practitioners implementing programmes for persons with disabilities in situations of crisis and chronic conflict. Presenters working in Gaza Strip and Syria will highlight the challenges faced by persons with disability in their respective context, and describe how MHPSS services are responding these in practice.

Reem Tafran will be presenting the IMC Syria model for inclusion of children with disabilities in IMC community centers. IMC’s inclusion approach has emphasized community participation and ownership, and Reem’s presentation will show how the services have been sustained through capacity building of caregivers and community mobilization. The presentation will describe how experience has proven that practice can be very different to theory.  Ghada Zaidan & Douglas Khayat will provide an overview of the mental health and psychosocial assistance provided by ICRC to persons with disability, particularly people who have experienced amputation, in Gaza Strip.

The presenters will provide examples from their practical experience, and will highlight the main challenges that the programs have faced, and share some of the key lessons learned.


Ghada (edited 1)Ghada Zaidan is a mental health specialist with Diploma in project management and seeking master degree in Community Mental Health. She worked for several international organizations like UNICEF, UNRWA and MSF-France, as a mental health consultant, trainer, counsellor and social worker. Ghada also worked in several local NGOs like: GCMHP, Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children and Maan Association in several positions working specially with people with different kinds of disabilities. Since 2014 she has been one of ICRC`s MHPSS Field Officer at Gaza Sub-Delegation. Ghada dreams about the day that people with disabilities will enjoy full rights in in Palestine.



Douglas (edited 1)Douglas Khayat is a psychologist and psychoanalyst, specialized in clinical psychology with a master in international relations. Douglas has worked for MSF and UN-Habitat in the slums of Rio de Janeiro for 6 years, doing direct assistance for victims of violence and developing integrated public policies, respectively. He has also worked in Hebron, West Bank, for MSF, and currently holds the position of Mental Health Delegate in Gaza for ICRC.



Reem (edit)Wafika Reem Tafran is a mental health and psychosocial technical advisor working in Syria since 2006. She is a clinical psychologist with  over 13 years of experience working in programs related to children with disabilities and 6 years experience managing MHPSS programs for International Medical Corps in Syria. Over the past three years and to date, she has been working as technical advisor for IMC and she currently represents IMC as the co- lead in the MHPSS working group-Syria and also within the GBV and protection sector.




Moderator (English Webinar):

MarcioMarcio Gagliato is a psychologist with a master degree is social psychology, currently pursuing his PhD in Global Public Health. Marcio was awarded a Human Rights Fellowship from Columbia University (NY) and has worked in several countries, especially in emergency settings, focused on a wide range of MHPSS management programmatic areas.  He is a member of the MHPSS.net team.




Moderator (Arabic Webinar):

Marie Adele (edit)

Marie-Adele Salem is an expert in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support programmes based in Lebanon, and since 2006 has been working as a consultant with numerous organizations on MHPSS and the problem of GBV and Protection from a MHPSS perspective in Asia, Central America, Africa and the Middle East. Her work consists of capacity development and self-care for actors working in this field, and of program development and evaluation. She developed a number of manuals and training programs on best practices to support this area. Marie-Adele has been a consultant trainer with ABAAD since 2011, and the Mental Health and Psychosocial Technical Advisor for ABAAD since April 2015.

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