2. What’s new on our site?

2. What’s new on our site?

The MHPSS Network has just launched a brand new interactive website.

Here are the latest features:

Member Profile: now you can upload your CV to your profile!

Groups: group admins can now set custom widgets to their groups which allow them to feature content they want to promote. They can also organize group chats!

Activity: now you can post images, videos and links! See our Interactive Zones guidelines in our Terms of Use.

Resources: you can now share resources between groups; create keywords for your resources; tag and rate resources; recommend resources to be featured in your group; and safely share resources in a multitude of other platforms

Searches: now we have a completely new and user-friendly search function. Search results are filtered by time frame and result types, and gives you auto suggestions as you search. All searches have custom RSS feeds

Chat: this is a brand new feature where you can chat with members online. You can see the chat window as you log on to the site at the bottom right hand side corner. Try it!

Vacancies: now we have a separate section for vacancies where you can both search for jobs and post you own vacancies

Need further assistance? Contact your Regional Host and we will help you.

Don’t forget to send us some feedback! We would love to hear from you.




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